The Five Girls Challenge

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A drenching storm had AJ, a college sophomore, taking a shower before joining the party downstairs. The last thing he expected was an unfamiliar girl to walk in, seduce him, have sex, then bite him during an intense climax. Even more shocking, she convinced her four friends to challenge him to give them the Big O, as well!

AJ is your typical 19-year old sophomore, except that he's never been beyond second base with a girl. One fateful night changed all of that, and suddenly he's getting to know not just one but five girls. Intimately. They compel him into participating in The Five Girls Challenge, where he demonstrates that boys are better than toys. Each week, he spends the night with one of them, and if he wins the challenge, he gets to try the following week again.

During the challenge, AJ learned that each girl is distinct and unique. They all have three things in common: they're sexy, enjoy teasing AJ, and their desire to have fun before graduating.

  1. Lily, the passionate pixie who changes her style often and has a penchant for inflicting pain.
  2. Hannah, a graceful athlete who rarely speaks and won't suffer fools gladly.
  3. Maeve, an intoxicating singer who has a heart of gold and blushes easily.
  4. Celia, the heavenly leader of the group who loves to tease and taunt.
  5. Leyna, the beguiling cynic who is not convinced that AJ is up for the challenge.

The Five Girls Challenge chronicles the sexy adventures that AJ experienced during the challenge and contains explicit language meant for 18+ audiences only.

Reviews:Erotica Fan on Amazon wrote:

An intense session with one of 5 roommates who decides he is the Orgasm Whisperer. The roommates come up with an interesting way for him to demonstrate those skills. It turns out his mother taught him... Is he able to satisfy all 5 and find his soulmate in the process? It is cute and sexy.

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